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Celebrating over 50 years selling winter hardy cactus, agaves and yuccas 


Some of our newer varieties and enduring favorites include: 

  • Opuntias (Prickly Pears) with different colored flowers and unusual spines

  • Echinocereus (barrel cactus); and cactus from South America, specifically from Patagonia in Argentina

  • Yucca Harrimaniae and Yucca Nana are two dwarf varieties we specialize growing

  • Joshua Trees may be limited so please inquire before ordering


Welcome to Intermountain Cactus!

We invite you to visit us...

Just give us a call to arrange a visit to our farm.

Phone: 801.546.2006

All your winter hardy cactus needs in one place:
  • Shipping between Mid-April through Early November (weather dependent)

  • Large collection of winter hardy cactus

  • 100% customer satisfaction is our goal

  • Feel free to contact us for specific needs or questions

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